9 Weekend Getaway Essentials

Slipping out of the office early for some much needed fun? Here is what we suggest packing for your best weekend yet. 


1. Black Jumpsuit

Traveling with a jumpsuit is key. For starters you can find some that feel like pjs. Another plus is you can dress them up with some wedges. Or change the whole look with a scarf. They are definitely in our bag when were jet setting for the weekend. 

2. Sneakers

Now that tennis shoes are in style, they're a must have on your trip. First of all, traveling always involves a lot of walking. Second you can wear them with pretty much anything!


3. Casual Button Down

Who doesn't love a good button down? They're casual but cute. Pack it, you won't regret it. 

4. Gold Bracelet

Accessories are everything when it comes to an outfit. It polishes your look off. When traveling pack pieces that will go with multiple outfits. Like a chunky gold bracelet perhaps. 

5. Camo Clutch

Obviously  it doesn't have to be camo, but pack a clutch that is versatile. The one in the picture can be a clutch or cross body. Its always good to have a cross body when traveling. 



6. Transitional Day to Night Dress

Pack something that can go both ways, dressy or casual. 

7. Leather Clutch

Here is another option of a bag that can be cross body or a clutch. We love the look of this from day to night. 


8. Another Blouse 

Always pack with a couple T-shirt options. You never know what mood you're going to be in while you're away. We love this top because of the sleeve detail. 

9. Tote bag 

Yes we know we went a little crazy with the bags but this one is great to travel with on the plane. And you can really pack some things in it. 

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